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The house sitting & pet sitting service that cares in Anchorage, AK

At Alaska House Watch of Anchorage, AK, we believe that pets feel more comfortable in their home environments. That is why our house sitting service is an ideal solution for pet owners who are going out of town.

We have years of experience when it comes house sitting. We know what it takes to keep your animals happy and healthy. Additionally, we have experience in basic lawn, plant, and plumbing care. We'll keep your home running smoothly when you're on the road. 

After your first experience with our house sitting service, we're sure you and your pet will agree that we are the sitters to trust.

Feeding and care

As a pet owner you know about the daily care your pet needs to stay strong and healthy. As fellow lovers of animals, Alaska House Watch provides the same dedicated care for your pet that you do. We will make sure to feed your pets in accordance with your dietary instructions and regular feeding routine. We can administer medication if required. We also believe that one of the most important elements of pet care is love and companionship - and we are experts in the field!
Pet sitting service in Anchorage, AK

Call our house sitting service to love your cherished animals while you're away

Snow shoveling as part of house sitting service in Anchorage, AK

House sitting

At Alaska House Watch we believe that you and your pet deserve a house sitting service that is effective and affordable. In addition to looking after your pet, we will also make sure to shovel your sidewalk if inclement weather rolls in and to exercise your plumbing system to keep it running smoothly. Whether you're looking for short-term or long-term care, we can tailor our house sitting service to your requirements. Call us in Anchorage today and find out how we can help you.

Walking & activities

At Alaska House Watch, we know that each pet requires regular exercise and outdoor activity to remain vital and happy. As part of our house sitting service in Anchorage, we provide dogs with daily walks and playtime. We're committed to the physical wellbeing of your animal and develop regular exercise routines for your pet. After all, a well-conditioned pet is a happy pet. We can even create a routine for you to follow with your pet when you're together as a family!
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